SAFOD is calling for individuals, preferably recently graduates, to help with managing the SAATE on a daily basis throughout the whole period of the event. Most importantly, we are looking for young volunteers who are already resident in Windhoek, Namibia, to perform different tasks as follows:

Exhibition Volunteer

Location: Exhibition Hall

Job Description: Assist SAFOD staff with various exhibition-related duties.

  • Monitor traffic flow throughout the exhibition hall.
  • Welcome SAATE attendees to the hall and make sure everyone is wearing a badge.
  • Provide directions and general information on activities within the Exhibition hall.
  • Provide traffic control at doors. Direct attendees to the correct entrance doors.
  • Direct vendors and exhibitors to registration areas.
  • To be on stand-by as Floater.

Reception Monitor

Location: Reception locations

Job Description: Direct attendees into and out of the Reception, direct VIPs as needed.

  • Arrive at the room 30 minutes prior to the session start time. Doors will OPEN at designated time – crowd control.
  • Provide traffic control at doors. Direct attendees to the correct entrance doors.
  • Make sure everyone who enters is wearing a badge.
  • Provide information as needed.

Ask Me! Volunteer

Location: Throughout the Convention Center (assignments given out daily).

Job Description: Provide answers to attendee questions concerning events at the Convention Center and general information about the local surrounding area.

  • Direct attendees to exhibiting rooms and other special areas.
  • Will need to stand the majority of the time to engage attendees, especially in high traffic areas.
  • Assist SAFOD staff as needed in other areas/locations such as crowd control for general sessions and book signings.
  • Be able to answer the following Frequently Asked Questions:
    • Where is the nearest bathroom?
    • Where can I get something to eat or drink?
    • Where is Registration?
    • Where is the EXIHIBITION?
    • Where can I check my e-mail?

Press Room Assistant

Location: Press Room

Job Description: Assist SAFOD staff and SAFOD Public Relations staff with general administrative duties.

  • Assist reporters with the phones, copier, fax machines, and computers.
  • Assist the press room staff with registering reporters and members of the media. Assist exhibitors with organizing their press kits.
  • Distribute press materials and credentials and print out hometown releases.
  • Assist with the maintenance of the Press Room by keeping tables clear of debris.
  • Assume responsibility for the Press Room anytime the SAFOD staff person is away.

Meal Event Monitor

Location: Meal Event locations

Job Description: Direct attendees of the EXPO into and out of the Meal Event, direct VIPs to their reserved seating.

  • Arrive at the room one (1) hour prior to the session start time. Doors will OPEN 30 minutes prior to session – crowd control.
  • Provide traffic control at doors. Direct attendees to the correct entrance doors.
  • Make sure everyone who enters is wearing a badge.
  • Assist late comers to available seats.
  • Assist with the reserved and VIP seating section.
  • Assist in directing overflow traffic, if necessary.
  • When not working as a Meal Event Monitor, return to the Command Center to be on stand-by as Floater.

Special Project Volunteer

Individuals who sign up for this position will have several different assignments during the course of the day. Examples of the types of assignments an individual might receive include note taking and compiling of reports.

The specific duties and responsibilities associated with each assignment varies, but generally includes assisting both SAATE attendees and SAFOD staff. Individuals in this position will return to the Volunteer Room when not on assignment and be available as a floater.


Volunteers who are assigned to floater roles will be stationed at the Command Center. Floaters may be assigned to any of the above positions based on additional needs that develop throughout the SAATE. A floater may have several different assignments within the course of a day.



There is no application deadline for these openings!

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